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What to Bring

Check out our interactive map here to find your closest boarding home.

For other boarding homes - see below

 The GPA Boarding home


The Guinea Pigs Australia original boarding home is located in Sydney South - Bardwell Valley. Just 25 minutes from the CBD.

The Guinea Pigs Australia boarding home only boards rabbits and guinea pigs to ensure your pet receives the very best in specialist attention. Your pet will be housed in one of our luxurious indoor suites with generous hidey-holes, soft cushioned comforts and fleecy snuggle sacks to hide in and soft bedding for sleep. We provide everything they need. We have over fifteen years experience in handling, and managing the specific dietary requirements of small animals, the Guinea Pigs Australia Team can also administering medications and adhere to your dietary plan to avoid stomach upset or GI. With a Variety of toys to run and hide in, your Small Furry will have plenty of fun so you can enjoy your time away.

We provide everything they need for a comfortable stay:

  • Oxbow pellets/Burgess Pellets and grass hays, a selection of fresh mixed vegetables, daily vitamin C and papaya tablets (for guinea pigs and rabbits) with the occasional natural treat.
  • Indoor housing in C & C cage or other suitable enclosure. 
  • Vet Bed in all enclosures, unless you bunny likes to tear it up.
  • Supervised indoor play time daily and outdoor grass time (weather permitting)
  • Health check of your small animal
  • All accessories provided, water bottles, bowls, soft bedding and hidey houses
  • Plenty of photos of your pet and regular updates!

Essentials to bring:

  • All rabbits must have their now 6 monthly calicivirus vaccination up to date. As of 2017
  • Any medications to be administered or special dietary requirements


Other Boarding Home Requirements

Please check directly with the other boarding homes on the map to find out what they provide. Each one is unique and will offer different services to us. Some may require you to bring your own cage or will house them differently to us so please check their comments.

Rabbits - With any boarding home you will still need to have your 6 monthly calicivirus vaccination (As of 2017) before taking your rabbit to any boarding home. 


Disclaimer (The boring bits)

The map is provided as a useful place to find boarding homes and make a connection with them. We do not provide any guarantees for any boarding home on the map or take responsibility for them. Please make your own inquiries and inspect prior to entrusting your pets with a boarding home. It is your responsibility to whom your entrust your pet to. 




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