Kavee C&C

Kavee C&C Cages are a new addition to our store. Please note they are different to our Australian C&C Cages which are made by Guinea Pigs Australia. 

Why we love them: 

Kavee have introduced features unseen in competitors such as coroplast sheets with lock-in slots. Because a proper cage should not require tape or glue to hold together. 

Another example: the low edges of the coroplast allow your guinea pigs to see the world around them, instead of seeing a coroplast wall all their life. That seems quite fundamental to us. 

And the list goes on, Kavee cages are the only ones to have a correx base with round corners, to avoid any unwanted scratch for your guinea pigs. Kavee ramps are purposefully set up at mid-height to prevent a steep slope that your guinea pigs would struggle to climb, not mentioning the danger of falling. 

Last but not least, Kavee are committed to offering guinea pig and rabbit cages of a minimum acceptable size, and will never agree to sell a pen that is too small by design. 

Manufactured and shipped from Belgium. 

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