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  • 9 x 9 Grid - Soft Touch

Grids 6 Pack - Black



Product Description

Black Colour

Grids for C&C Cages - Pack of 6

6 x single grids - perfect if you need to build a hay rack, bunk beds or extra grids for an exisiting cage. 

  • 35cm x 35cm Black metal grid with "Soft Touch" pvc coating
  • 9 squares down and 9 squares across
  • Openings are 1 3/8" which are safe for adult guinea pigs
  • If you have baby guinea pigs - put 2 layers of grids and offset them to reduce the opening size - use cable tie to secure

This is a pack of 6 grids only

Purchase 2 packs to make a 2 x 1 loft only ( 12 grids ) 6 grids for the walls + extra pack for supporting floor and hay rack 

Purchase 2 packs to make a 4 x 2 base only ( 12 grids )

If you already have a base and some spare grids then you should only need to purchase 1 pack to make the loft. 

NOTE - BABY PROOFING: If you have young guinea pigs or pups that are under 6 months of age please baby proof your cage. To find out more about baby proofing please read our guide - Click Here


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