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Grid and Connector Set for Indoor Guinea Pig Cage - Black



Product Description

Grids and Connector Set for Indoor Guinea Pig Cage

Black Colour

Comes With

16 x Grids

18 x Connectors

Create and build your own customised cage using this grid and connector set. Also know as C & C or cubes and coroplast,

Product does not come with a base. For a full cage options see here

Cubes and Coroplast cages are used by pet owners and guinea pig enthusiasts around the world and have been for over a decade! Everyone highly recommends the C&C Cage solution. The features of these cages makes a GREAT experience for the guinea pigs and their caretakers alike.

Grid Size: 14 inch x 14 inch - spacing on grids is safe for adult guinea pig

Grid Spacing: Safe for adult guinea pigs - For baby guinea pig you can double up and off set the grids which will baby proof the walls. You do not use the connectors when baby proofing only cable ties to secure together

Why Grids and connectors are the best indoor cage for Guinea Pigs

  • Easy to customise to any size
  • Build a stand to fit you cage using grids
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble and dissasemble
  • Durable and recyclable
  • Add levels and extension easily
  • Can cat proof, dog proof, child proof
  • Build in any direction
  • Collapsible for storage
  • Can be used as a play pen outside or inside

NOTE - BABY PROOFING: If you have young guinea pigs or pups that are under 6 months of age please baby proof your cage. To find out more about baby proofing please read our guide - Click Here

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