The STAYBowl – Why every guinea pig owner needs one!

The STAYBowl – Why every guinea pig owner needs one!

When looking at a bowl for guinea pigs it is often easy to just opt for the easy heavy ceramic bowl – but now we have the choice to choose a better, healthier and more cost effective bowl. Introducing the STAYBowl…

So what makes the STAYBowl different and why should you pay more when you can simply purchase a ceramic bowl for less?

Well let’s look at why this bowl is a premium cage accessory for your guinea pig:


We all know that a healthy guinea pig is a happy guinea pig. Part of keeping your guinea pig healthy is providing a clean cage and a clean feeding environment.

Faeces and urine are often found in larger bowls. Guinea pigs have the ability to poop and urinate in their food bowls, jumping into larger ceramic bowls. This can cause a build up of bacteria and also cause your guinea pig to stop eating their pellets, because who wants to eat out of a dirty feeding bowl?

The STAYBowl’s unique design is the correct width and height to help prevent guinea pigs from urinating and defecating in their bowls ensuring that your pet’s food is kept cleaner and fresher for longer.


Measuring a guinea pigs pellet consumption is no longer a necessity with the STAYBowl. The bowl is able to carry ¼cup (42g) of pellets which is the correct quantity for two guinea pigs. This makes it so much easier especially for new guinea pig owners and children to simply fill the bowl with pellets. No more measuring or trying to work out quantities. This is perfect because it eliminates over feeding or under feeding your guinea pig providing them with optimum nutrition.

Keeps food off the cage floor

The bowl is designed to ensure that it is not able to be tipped over. When pellets are tipped onto the cage floor this wastes pellets and in the long term money. The STAYBowl has a tip-proof design that ensures that your cavies cannot waste their pellets.




Perfect for Older Guinea Pigs

As guinea pigs get older they can also develop health issues related to age such as arthritis. Guinea pigs are considered to have entered the beginning of their senior years at around 4 years of age. It is important that they are made as comfortable as possible and straining to place their paws on a high ceramic bowl is not ideal.

The STAYBowl has a bowl height of 2.5cm which is perfect to ensure that your guinea pig can comfortably reach their pellets without straining. It is designed for their comfort in mind, ensuring that your guinea pigs can eat the correct amount of pellets comfortably and at every meal.

Less Cage Mess

Guinea pigs can dig in their ceramic bowls pushing pellets around and onto the cage floor. Why clean more mess when you don’t need to? Not to mention being able to flip other bowls, move them around and urinate and defecate in them. The STAYBowl has been designed to contain pellets and stop unwanted mess. The wide platform and raised bowl assist in reducing mess and ensuring that your guinea pigs pellets stay exactly where they need to be… in the bowl!

Storage & Breakage

Have you ever tried to store multiple ceramic bowls which cannot be stacked, they are awkward and can easily break if dropped?

The STAYBowl eliminates these issues. As it is made from polypropylene if dropped it won't shatter like ceramic bowls. Perfect for children (or even adults!) who carry bowls of food to and from the cage and can accidently drop a ceramic bowl causing pieces and food to go everywhere. The STAYBowl is a much safer alternative.

The STAYBowl is stackable. It takes up little space and is perfect to store on a shelf or in a tub underneath your guinea pigs cage. We all want less clutter and need to maximise space especially when our guinea pigs have so many cage accessories and toys!

Light weight

Young children want to help care for their guinea pigs. Ceramic bowls can be very heavy especially once they contain pellets or water. Weight can also cause breakages.

The STAYBowl has a unique lightweight design which makes it easier for children to carry the bowl to and from their guinea pigs cage.

Safe, Food Grade materials

When looking for any items that are going to be regularly containing food for your pets you need to ensure that they are made from Food Grade Safe Materials. The STAYBowl is only made from food-grade safe polypropylene. This ensures that there are no harmful chemicals contained in the bowl, no dyes, paints, nothing that can be harmful to your guinea pig. Often with cheaper ceramic or plastic bowls they may not use the same safety standards. The STAYBowl ensures your pet’s food will not be contaminated by harmful chemicals over time and is a must for guinea pig owners wanting to provide a safer bowl for their cavies.

The STAYBowl is one of the most innovative bowls on the market in Australia. Not only is it a safer, more cost effective alternative to traditional ceramic bowls it will also ensure your guinea pig is healthier and more comfortable the next time they enjoy their meal!