Baby Proofing your C&C cage

How to baby proof a C&C cage

Cage Safety

At Guinea Pigs Australia we only use grids which are recommended as safe for adult guinea pigs at 3.8cm per square in each grid. 

However if you have young or very small guinea pigs you need to baby proof your cage as young pups and young cavies can slip through these small squares. We recommend baby proofing until the guinea pigs are at least 6 months of age. 

How to Baby Proof your C&C Cage: 

As this is only a temporary cage solution until your guinea pigs are at least 6 months of age you have a few options available to you. 

1. Increase the height of your Corflute: We recommend a height of at least 20cm (instead of the normal 15cm) to ensure the guinea pig cannot slip through the grids. 

2. Use bulldog clips and clip polar fleece or fabric to the outside of the grid walls 

3. Use extra grids and double them up on the outside of the cage to reduce the hole width

Once your guinea pig is large enough you can remove any baby proofing materials and proceed with a normal C&C cage. 

Pup Proofed Cage