A Guide to Carefresh

Carefresh is one of the most popular choicest for guinea pig and rabbit bedding and the below guide will assist you in seeing if it is the right choice for your guinea pig or rabbit. 

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What is Carefresh? 

Carefresh is a complete natural paper bedding which is made from renewable and and sustainable paper sources. It is also 99% dust extracted and has a high absorbency rate able to absorb 3 times more liquid than wood shavings. 


  • 99% Dust extracted making it a great choice for those with allergies
  • High Absorbency rate compared to traditional wood shavings
  • Odour Control suppresses ammonia build up from urine for up to 10 days
  • 100% Natural
  • Biodegradable  - able to be composted after use 
  • Light in weight when distributed in the cage
  • Soft to the touch


  • More expensive than traditional beddings 
  • Need to purchase the correct size bag for your cage

What size bag should I get for my cage? 

Depending on what size cage you have the general rule of thumb is to always have an even layer of carefresh distributed on your floor area. Carefresh will absorb moisture, and increase in size. This still requires an even layer of product to ensure you have no gaps or parts of the cage base where urine can accumulate. 

If you have a C&C cage system the below guide can help you choosing the right product: 

Size of Cage Carefresh Size
2x3 23 litre
2x4 30 litre
2x5 60 litre
2x6 60 litre

How often will I need to clean my cage using Carefresh? 

A guinea pigs cage should never smell. Cages should be cleaned every 2 - 3 days. However as carefresh absorbs urine and suppresses ammonia cage cleaning can be every 6 - 7 days. It is important however that you ensure you spot clean your cage daily and remove any clumps or fecal matter. Always ensure your guinea pigs have a clean environment. 

Cage Cleaning Factors

Type Some types of bedding may need to be spot cleaned regularly to maintain cleanliness. Fleece for example can be spot cleaned daily. Carefresh can be replaced in sections every 3 to 4 days as needed or soiled sections can be removed daily with a dust pan and brush. 
Number  The more cavies you have the greater the waste output. A larger cage will ensure that waste is distributed and not compacted providing a healthier environment. See how large for more details.
Age Mature guinea pigs will generate more waste than younger guinea pigs.

What are the differences between their main products? 

Name of Product Description Choose If:
Carefresh Natural


100% Natural
No chemicals used to alter product
99% Dust Extracted
Odour controlled
High Absorbency
Soft Texture
You want a 100% all natural bedding.
No chemicals, dyes, inks or treatments
100% Environmentally friendly
Carefresh Ultra


99% Dust Extracted
Odour Controlled
High Absorbency
Premium soft texture
You have allergies or are sensitive to dust
Asthma sufferers
Softer texture for Skin Allergies/Reactions 
Pure white colour easy to see health issues with pets

Cost effective tips on using Carefresh

Using carefresh correctly can not only prolong the use of the product between cleans it can also help you establish which is the best way to use the product and make the most of your purchase

Use only where necessary - If you are using a fleece/towel bedding but want to enhance the absorbency of a particular area of your cage use carefresh only in the areas you need high odour and high absorbency control. 

A great area to use carefresh is under your hay racks. Guinea Pigs especially will generally urinate and defecate whilst eating from their hay racks. Placing a litter tray underneath the hay rack filled with carefresh can eliminate odours and wetness in that region making your other bedding last for longer. 

Spot Clean - Spot cleaning involves removed soiled bedding and replacing with new. If you replace soiled carefresh and replace it with new bedding it will eliminate the need for a complete cage clean during the week, decreasing time between cage changes. 

Use with a combination - Some owners find mixing carefresh with another bedding can help in obtaining the absorbency required and also the odour control whilst making the product last longer. It should be noted however that you wil not acheive the maximum absobency rate using carefresh alone. Some owners will mix in 20% Aspen or kiln dired wood shavings (no pine, not treated with chemicals) and 80% carefresh to make the product last longer during the week. 

Use as an under bedding - You can use carefresh as an under bedding with polar fleece. Instead of a newspaper/towel combination you can use carefresh as the absorbent layer. The fleece can then be shaken and spot cleaned of hay and debris whilst the carefresh can be used only for absorbency. 

Overall Rating


We give carefresh 4.5 stars out of 5. The feedback on carefresh makes it a top quality premium choice for pet owners. Whilst it may be more expensive than other beddings using the above tips can make the product work for you and be more cost effective in the long term.