20 Adorable Guinea Pigs to bring joy to your Wheek!

1. This little pig who is VERY happy with his apple!

happy apple eating

Source: guineapiggies.tumblr.com

2. These two love birds sharing a kiss!

Gimme Gimme Guinea Pigs!

Source: guineapiggies.tumblr.com

3. The original tea cup pigs!

Love this.... May have to do a shot like this with Baby..

Source: babble.com

4. This little pig who found a new best friend

This friendly little guinea pig who has her very own butterfly. | 21 Incredibly Adorable Animals With Their Best Friends

Source: buzzfeed.com

5. Them Piggy Feet!

Look at these two snuggle buddies! #cuteoverload

Source: fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net

6. An adorable wave hello!

guinea pig

Source: cutestpaw.com

7. This Daisy Princess

I need to make a daisy chain for my pigs! Ten bucks says they'll try to eat it before I get the photo

Source: stellarebp.deviantart.com


8. This sleeping Beauty

i wasn't aware that guinea pigs like stuffed animals.  i'll have to put one in the new cage ... YES! They love them .. use them as pillows :).......my piggies love them.  We wash them along with their beds each week.

Source: fairymagic.me

9. A Chubby Piggy after Lunch

Photo of the WHEEK! Contest: Messy faces!


10. This exuberant fellow!

Hello, smiley piggie!

Source: piggypiggypiggypiggy.tumblr.com

11. Just Sharing the Love

for my darling by Leny97.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Source: leny97.deviantart.com

12. This lucky teddy bear

As if guinea pigs weren't cute enough on their own: Sleeping guinea pig holding it's teddy bear

Source: guineapiggies.tumblr.com

14. This Piggy Romeo

guinea pig

Source: emshaw.tumblr.com

15. This Avid Food Lover

food lover

Source: thedailyguineapig.com

16. This Strawberry Sweetheart

In case you are having a bad day, here of 15 pictures of pure animal cuteness!! ☺♥

Source: buzzfeed.com

17. This Pink Nosed Piggy

U looks like a mouse!

Source: statigr.am

18. This Handsome Face

Simba the Guinea Pig

Source: guineapigsaustralia

19. This Hay Happy Guinea

Guinea pigs that look like conan

Source: smallpetselect.com

20. These two gorgeous Friends

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat | Bergen, Norway (guinea pig rabbit eat watermelon) - a photo by lena

Source: woophy.com

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