About Us

About the Team and Guinea Pigs Australia 

Our approach to guinea pig care was 1618571-845610662179312-2797580086515159840-n.jpgfirst launched as an information website by Guinea Pigs Australia founder Niomie. She saw a need for the promotion of indoor housing options, correct nutritional needs for cavies and a place where owners across Australia could read and become familiar with a new approach to guinea pig care as not just a pet but a family member.

Check out the website here www.guineapigsaustralia.com.au

As a guinea pig owner of 4 gorgeous guinea pigs she also saw the lack of guinea pig and rabbit products in the market. Overseas owners had access to C&C cages, Timothy Hay and premium high quality nutritious pellets, and unfortunately it was almost impossible to obtain the products here in Australia and especially through just one store.

The first store was created in 2005, which started selling small accessories for guinea pigs.

Photo :The team busy at the Sydney Warehouse in the early stages.                                               

Now with the help of our online, logistics and buying team the store has grown into Australia’s Largest Guinea Pig and Rabbit Superstore.                                               

We know Small Animals

 blondie.jpgWe love our products because we love our guinea pigs and our house bunny. Our pets approve every product you see in our store. What is not good for our guinea pigs and rabbit doesn’t make the cut!

All our C&C cages are designed and tested by us and by our fussy animals.

Our sourcing team works hard to find great products and most of our items are kept in stock in Australia. We also work with partners and their guinea and rabbits across oceans to bring you interesting items and new ideas. 


Photo:Blondie our Sheltie Guinea Pig

 We help with Rescue Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

In 2012 we started the Guinea Pigs Australia Sydney Rescue.

The rescue is a small private rescue 1271753-898081400233005-1218929945927791080-o.jpgrehoming pets who need a second chance at life either being abandoned, surrendered or abused. Our store supports our efforts allowing you to also help rescue animals in need. Guinea Pigs like Molly who had muscle granulation tissue needing surgeries or Svenn and Kristoff who were found in a box in a park, these are the animals we work so hard to support, save and rehome.

We Reinvest BACK into our Products

Our products are constantly under review. We value your customer feedback and you may notice an email inviting you to review the products you received after delivery. With this information we reinvest back into our products making them better or stronger or easier to use. Our C&C cage range is the largest in Australia and we want to make sure you love the products as much as we do

Photo:Molly pictured above after her surgery

We are 100% Australian Owned and Operated                        

Our team is based in Sydney Australia and so are most of our products. We work hard to provide you with great items that are fun, safe, easy to use and productive! We always do our best to provide you with high quality professional service and whilst we are not a huge company it means we focus more on customer service, appreciation and expertise in the small animal niche. Our team wears many hats and we really do enjoy doing a great job for you and your pets. Keeping stock available, answering emails and questions, fast shipping and being available when you call with a question. If you are looking for a pet company that knows your pet, understands your needs and really focuses on details that are important to you (because they are important to us) you have come to the right place!